NFX2 MX - Rockstar with Injected Ionized Lens & 10 Pack Tear Offs & Lens Shield

The NFX2 is the blend of industry leading features coupled with our distinctive frameless technology, creating the pinnacle of premium goggles. Integrated outriggers allow for a more comfortable fit and better seal with helmets, while simultaneously allowing for clean tear-off application and removal. Injected dual lenses, Super Anti Fog coating, quadruple layer moisture wicking face foam, armored venting and removable nose guards are just icing on the cake that is the NFX2. Supplied with 10 Pack Tear-Offs and Lens Shield.

  • Swiftlock lens changing system
  • Patented frameless technology 
  • Injection molded lenses
  • Armored Venting 
  • Premium quadruple layer face foam
  • Integrated Outriggers
  • 1.5 inch silicone backed strap
  • Removable nose guard 
  • Holds up to 30 laminated tear offs
  • 2x stronger Super Anti-Fog lens coating
  • Colour - Rockstar
  • Lens Colour - Injected Ionized (VLT - 25%)
  • SKU - 29861-528