MXV MAX - Break Orange with Lumalens Silver Ionized + Clear Lens

The new MXV Max goggle has been designed from the ground up to deliver the comfort, quality and features you expect from Dragon. Engineered to maximize peripheral vision, enable superior ventilation, reduce sweat-through, and facilitate an unrivaled fit. Our trademark Super Anti-Fog lens coating is twice as effective at combating fogging, the 4.5-base curve lens increases horizontal periphery while simultaneously reducing roll-off drag, and a slimmer frame reduces bulk while increasing sight lines. Whether you’re hitting the trails, track or ramps, the MXV Max is the only goggle you’ll ever need.
The MXV is offered in three configurations: the MXV, the MXV Plus, and the MXV Max. All three models share the same ventilation, fit, lenses, nose guard, tear-off packs, and roll-off system. 
  • Integrated outriggers for superior frame-to-helmet fit and tear-off compatibility 
  • State-of-the-art integrated ventilation 
  • Slim frame profile and wider shape maximize peripheral vision
  • 2x stronger Super Anti-Fog lens coating
  • Industry leading 4.5-base curve lens
  • Reengineered open cell, triple-layer, slanted face foam with hypoallergenic fleece lining
  • Superior helmet integration and ventilation
  • Removable Rock Guard
  • 100% UV Protection
  • 1.5” Silicone Beaded Strap
  • Holds Up to 28 Laminated Tear-Offs
  • 45mm roll-off canister system available
  • MXV-system compatible lenses, tear-off packs and roll-off systems
  • Colour - Break Orange
  • Lens Colour - Lumalens Silver Ionized + Clear
  • SKU - 35832-700

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