Sporting the same new design as its namesake, the Hydro and Sand versions of the MXV are outstanding purpose-built goggles. Both goggles feature foam that is specific to operating in their respective environments. The Hydro is built to repel and drain water, while the Sand foam is meant to operate specifically in sandy environs. Beyond hydro and sand environments, both styles benefit from the slimmer frame and wider profile, utilize the same MXV lenses, and are crafted for superior fit and helmet integration.

A new style from Dragon, the MXV-series frame has been designed with the best possible experience in mind. Slimmer frame, enlarged periphery, lightweight comfortable fit and increased ventilation are all key components to the design.While built for sand and water environments, UV protection is still of incredible importance.

The MXV Hydro and Sand models have you covered as the lenses offer 100-percent protection from all harmful UV rays.All MX lenses are treated with our Super Anti-Fog coating that combats fogging that is common in motocross riding. Now the coating is two-times stronger, another way that Dragon goggles help improve your experience

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